How clean is the air you are breathing?

Seven in 10 developing cities in Asia have unhealthy levels of air pollution.* Now more than ever, governments and communities need to identify and implement effective actions in protecting human health and the environment from the effects of deteriorating air quality.

*From Clean Air Asia’s analysis of annual particulate matter (PM10) levels in cities in 2015.

premature deaths from outdoor air pollution in 2012, and 2.6 million of these deaths are in South East Asia and the Western Pacific Region (WHO 2014).

with 896* cities
in Asia are at risk of
experiencing unhealthy air quality

people are expected to be living in cities by 2050 (UNDESA 2014), aggravating the problem as more people may be exposed to air pollution.

* UNDESA 2014

The Clean Air Scorecard is an assessment tool that scores a city’s air quality. It provides an objective assessment of a city’s air quality status, management practices, and policies. These key assessment areas are represented by the three indexes of the scorecard.

Air Pollution and
Health Index

Clean Air Management
Capacity Index

Clean Air Policies
and Actions Index